Parliament votes for indoor markets to remain open

The Chamber of Deputies, Romanian Parliament’s lower chamber, has voted on Tuesday that indoor markets must remain open during the state of alert. The authorities had decided that indoor markets to be shut down as of November 9, likewise other fairs, flea markets or mixed markets, as part of further safety measures to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Now, the lower chamber of the Parliament, controlled by the Social Democrats, has decided that the indoor markets, fairs and flea markets are allowed to continue activity, with observing sanitary rules.

The law has passed by 173 votes to one, and 93 abstentions.

Social Democrats argued that closing down markets had been “an aberrant” measure. However, PSD has been endorsed by UDMR and USR. UDMR argued that one cannot maintain supermarkets open and close down the indoor markets.

In its turn, USR said that the measure of shutting down markets had been “hasty and unjustified”.

On the other hand, the Liberals slammed the Social Democrats, for “politicizing” all topics. “PSD, which is feeling sorry for people, is the same old PSD, led by Liviu Dragnea, which chased away Romanians and now they are faking a certain concern for the ordinary Romanian (…) What is happening now is a cheap electoral, political game”, said PNL deputy, Florin Roman.

As the Chamber of Deputies is the decision-making body in this matter, the law will go to Presidency for promulgation.

The Government’s decision to shut down indoor markets  and maintain open only stalls outside has been criticized both by the producers and the retailers.

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