Parliamentary committees reject Forestry Code re-examination

Members of the legal, agriculture and environment committees of the Chamber of Deputies have rejected on Tuesday the request for review of the draft amendment to the Forestry Code by 35 votes ‘against’ and 21 votes ‘for’.

PNL representatives supported the request for review, while the PSD and UDMR MPs were against.

During the discussions procedural disputes took place, PSD MPs claiming that the committees should vote directly on the acceptance or rejection of the application for review, while PNL wanted to give the floor to civil society representatives and to the Competition Council and to debate the President’s objections point by point.

The problem of illegal logging is to be discussed in the next meeting of CSAT.

Social-Democrats accuse President Klaus Iohannis that is directly interested in this matter, because it referred to the Parliament the new Forestry Code. The head of state has been allegedly linked to some circles saying that an Austrian company illegally procured illegally cut wood.

The document states that a company may buy at most 30 percent of the volume of timber of each species, which could be an infringement of the free movement of goods. Otherwise, the president of the Competition Council asked for the European Commission’s opinion on the draft amending the Forestry Code. He says he does not oppose this law and any limitations of illegal logging, but wants to be sure the amendments comply with the European laws and will not be sanctioned in Brussels.

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