Piedone, sentenced to 8 yrs in prison in a first court in the Colectiv file wins district 5 city hall

Cristian Băcanu, the candidate endorsed by PNL and USR-PLUS has acknowledged his defeat in front of Cristian Popescu Piedone  in the race for the Bucharesr District 5 city hall.

“The citizens from District 5 have chosen a different path. After concluding the parallel counting, the new district 5 mayor is Piedone”, Bacanu posted on Facebook Monday morning.

The exit polls on Sunday evening revealed that there was a tie score between Piedone and Bacanu, as they both had 27.3%.

Cristian Popescu-Piedone, former District 4 mayor, was sentenced on December 16, 2019 to 8 years and 6 months in prison for abuse of office for releasing the operating permits for the Colectiv nightclub that killed 65 people following the devastating fire of October 30, 2015.

This sentence was pronounced in a first court. On Wednesday, September 30, Bucharest Court of Appeal is to start the trial of the appeal in this file, after a reprieve.


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