Piedone would win the Capital City Hall in a poll commissioned by incumbent mayor Nicusor Dan

Cristian Popescu Piedone, the current District 5 mayor, would win the elections for the Capital City Hall, according to the data of an opinion poll ordered and published on Monday by the general mayor of the Capital, Nicușor Dan.

PSD and PNL are waiting today for the data of the polls commissioned to decide on the joint candidate or candidates with whom they will appear in the local elections for the Capital City.

The survey was commissioned by the mayor Nicușor Dan, who is running independently for a new mandate at the Capital City Hall. According to the results, Piedone would win the Capital City Hall (40.4%), while the current general mayor Nicușor Dan ranked second, a short distance away (39.3%).

On the 3rd place, with 16%, would be Sebastian Burduja, followed at a great distance by Diana Șoșoacă. Gabriela Firea does not appear among the measured candidates.

In the same survey, Bucharest residents were asked if they were satisfied with the direction in which the Capital is heading, and the percentages were similar: 48.2% – good direction, 47.5% – wrong direction.

Cristian Popescu Piedone was also mayor of Bucharest’s District 4 during the Colectiv fire time, and for this was brought to court for abuse of office and sentenced to prison. He served only one year in jail from the 4-year sentence.

Vote for the General Council

PSD would get the most seats in the General Council (30.7%), according to the survey commissioned by Nicușor Dan. In second place would be the right-wing alliance ADU (27.2%), followed by PNL (17.5%). SOS Romania (Diana Șoșoacă) and the Humanist Power Party (Cristian Popescu Piedone) would get almost 5% of the votes.

Voting in the European parliament

Regarding the European parliamentary elections, the people of Bucharest would vote the most with the PSD-PNL alliance (45.7%), and with the ADU alliance (26.3%). AUR (6.4%), REPER (5.8%), Humanist Power Party (4.6%), SOS Romania (4.2%) would also receive votes. The survey commissioned by Nicușor Dan was carried out between March 2-9, on a sample of 900 respondents.

PSD and PNL, expected to make a decision regarding the Capital City Hall

PNL President Nicolae Ciucă announced that today he is waiting for the results of the polls made by PNL and PSD for the designation of the common candidate for the Capital City Hall, mentioning that the decision will be taken in the coalition, after the analysis of these polls.

“We did not succeed in nominating one candidate or another (for the Capital City Hall – n.r.) because we agreed together to find out who are the most suitable people. At the moment the polls are nearing the end. We polled Sebastian Burduja and Ionuţ Lupescu. PSD know for sure that they nominated Mrs. Gabriela Firea and I think the mayor from sector 4 (Daniel Băluţă – n.r.)”, declared Nicolae Ciucă on Sunday, at Prima News.

He also stated that the final results of the polls will come on Monday, and the candidate for the Capital City Hall will be appointed after the analysis of these polls.

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