PM: 11 targets and milestones of the recovery and resilience plan closed

The Romanian government has closed 11 of the 24 milestones and targets so far in the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience for the first quarter of this year, which is nearing the end, but things will be resolved these days, says Prime Minister Ciuca. “In today’s meeting we will close another 5, and the other 8 will be closed until tomorrow and here we are discussing ministerial orders and other internal documents,” PM Ciuca said.

The Romanian PM added that two more documents will be the subject of discussions between the Ministry of Research and Digitization and the European Commission, adding that it is important that they be finalized and sent to Brussels on Thursday.

“I thank everyone for their efforts and – being a quarter in which we have carried out all the activities and procedures necessary to meet the full set of milestones and objectives – we have now identified all the mechanisms so that we can manage more easily and have a more coherent dialogue with the specialized commissions in Brussels for everything that means compliance with the regulations imposed at the level of the Commission and the content of the guidelines that we develop for each project,” said Ciuca.


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