PM announces public wages freezing next year, too

Prime Minister Florin Citu said that reform in the public sector had started by stopping the salary envelope increase, and that wages of public employees will be frozen next year as well. The state reform will also continue by digitisation and restructuring of state-owned companies that have arrears.

“We decided this year to take an unpopular measure of keeping the salary envelope at last year’s level, and the salary envelope stays the same next year as well, it only increases very little. This is how reform starts, by stopping the salary envelope increase and forcing reform inside the system,” PM Citu told an online debate on the post pandemic recovery and the path to a new economy.

The prime minister also state that “the state, as it is, is dragging us down, when we talk about economic dynamics.”

“It is a break in the economy growht, with all the arrears and problems it has. And we have started and you will see that this year we’ll start step by step. (…) We have had 30 years of humane-faced socialism, this has been Romania’s problem, this is the root of our problem, from Iliescu and private property seen as ‘a caprice’, we have two big issues. In a state in which the market chooses its champions, private property is sacred and this is where we start from and the direction we’re going to, I want to get there. Therefore, champions are chosen by the market, not by the state,” Citu said.

The head of the Executive added that, besides keeping the same level of the salary envelope for the public employees, the government also has in view other reform measures for state-owned companies.

“There are many reforms that we have announced. You very well know that I asked reforms from state-owned companies with losses, they will not be receiving subsidies until they come up with a restructuring plan clearly showing they can make profit, on the contrary, no. There are several things, this is where we start from, in respect to the salary system here, we start by blocking salary increases, with a new pay law,” Citu said.

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  • Giles Eldridge

    Cî?u – you’ve ignored the risk group. Your decisions are political ones based on appearances. Vaccinate only the risk group first! Otherwise more people will die. Now you’ve opened it up the vaccination programme it will be used by people who do not need it (Pfizer is not so good at reducing transmission), the ones who do need it will suffer. You are no where near 75% coverage.