PM asks new Education minister that the Education Laws be approved by October-end

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă asked the new Minister of Education, Ligia Deca, that together with his team, to complete the package of Education laws to be approved by the Government by the end of this month.

You were part of the Educated Romania project, you participated in the public debates on the package of Education laws and I am convinced that together with your team at the ministry you will do what is necessary so that by the end of October we will have the package of laws approved by the Government and in November to be submitted for debate and adoption to the Parliament,” said Prime Minister Ciucă at the beginning of the Government meeting.

Yesterday when she took over the minister position, the new Education Minister stated that a priority of her tenure in the “immediately following” period is represented by the education draft laws. According to the minister, she will carry out consultations with “the relevant voices” in the education area and “harmonise” the normative acts with the recommendations which endorse quality, equity, integrity and predictability in the Romanian education system.

Ligia Deca also said that she will take all the necessary steps so that the education units don’t suffer in the “difficult” context generated by the economic and energy situation existing at global level.

“No least, I know that one of the fundamental needs of the education system is predictability. An essential goal of my mandate is precisely ensuring the predictable character of educational measures, so that pupils, teachers and parents know ahead of time how the education process is unfolding,” Deca added.

Ligia Deca was the PNL proposal for the post of Minister of Education, a position left vacant after the resignation of Sorin Cîmpeanu, accused of plagiarism.

Ligia Deca was previously presidential adviser at the Department of Education and Research and coordinator of the Educated Romania project and education laws. She was supported by President Klaus Iohannis to take over the post.

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