PM Ciolos: EC experts will look to recruiting and assessing the administrative staff

PM Dacian Cioloș stated at Victoria Palace on Friday that a team of EU experts might come to Bucharest in a few weeks to conduct an expertise financed by the European Commission in the view of recruiting and assessing the administrative staff in Romania.

“I understood that in a few weeks, we could have an EC-financed expertise in Bucharest with experts from various EU members states coming over, as they have the experience in drafting procedures and recruitment criteria and in assessing the administrative staff, so that we could hire experts for job vacancies based on clear, transparent criteria and clear evaluations. Those who are interested in getting a job in the public administration must be convinced they will get a correct evaluation,” PM Cioloș told a press conference after meeting the European Commissioner for Regional Policy, Corin Crețu.

The Romanian premier added that the administration’s efficiency seems “an essential element” for him so that the Gov’t should fulfill all other targets related to EU funds absorption.

Attempt to unblock ROP

PM Cioloș also said after discussing with Corina Cretu that they are trying to rapidly unblock the Regional Operational Programme (ROP) in order to start payments again and to avoid as much losses as possible.

“There are several weeks when we can make payments and cut losses as much as possible, to raise the absorption level,” Cioloș mentioned.

He also underlined there are still many unsolved things necessary for the 2014-2020 EU budgetary exercise and that’s why urgent actions must be taken.

“The informatics system which is not functional must be concluded, the accreditation procedures are not ready either. There are few projects ready to be implemented and here I intend to use the human resources and international expertise of the European Investment Bank, of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank and of the World Bank, from the structural funds, to help beneficiaries conclude their projects (…),” Ciolos pointed out.

Crețu: Romania, EC struggle to avoid losses

In her turn, Commissioner Corina Crețu said she is preoccupied with closing the operational programmes financed during 2007-2013 “in good conditions”, as December 31 is the deadline until the EC accepts invoices to be discounted.

Crețu added that Romania and EC are struggling to avoid losses.

At the same time, the European Commissioner said that stability is needed in the upcoming weeks at the level of the Romanian management authorities that are managing the European funds so that the 2007-2013 programmes could be concluded at best.

Corin Crețu also unveiled she is preoccupied with the Romanian rural area development, which is very different from the Western village prototype. She informed she would like the village areas in EU to be covered with broadband Internet by the end of her mandate.

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