PM Ciolos: Romanian PrePay phone cards were used to prepare terrorist attacks

PM Dacian Ciolos has said on Sunday, during the ‘After 20 years’ TV show, that in order to prepare the latest terrorist attacks, the terrorists had used PrePay phone cards from Romania.

“I learned that PrePay cards from Romania were used to prepare some terrorist attacks somewhere else. The Justice Ministry and the Interior Ministry will submit an application to the government and the (legal – our note) provisions will be subject to public debate in the coming period,” PM Ciolos said, adding that a draft law is being drawn by the government in order to have ID information registered for the PrePay cards buyers.

The Premier said Romania is one of the few EU Member States where the buyers of such cards do not have to register an ID card. He said the information services heads have requested him to bring to debate, again, the so-called ‘Big Brother laws’, which set a certain control over the pre-pay cards purchase.

“The intelligence services request means allowing them to closely monitor the situation. I watch very closely the citizens’ rights, the services are aware of this, but I believe we need to see where we draw the line so that the services are able to do their job properly, without excesses or exaggerations regarding citizens’ rights,” the Prime Minister said.

“We are not doing anything stealthily,” the PM said, adding that “we need to learn where we draw the line” and that he watches closely the human rights too.

PM Ciolos stressed the authorities are on permanent vigilance, but Romania is not a target for the terrorists at the moment. “There’s no use to hide behind the bush. There is a risk. We are an EU member, we are actively taking part to operations against terrorism. Things are under control, the authorities are doing their job. The vigilance is high,” said the PM referring to the risks Romania is facing after the attacks in Belgium.

The consequences of terrorism on Romania? The same as in the EU, the increase in apprehension, uncertainty, the need for coordinated response, the Premier said. “It’s not easy, as the whole talk about migration has led to increased dissentions between the Member States. The EU is going through a difficult period, it’s at the crossroads, as we need confidence at the politic leadership level and between the Member States, the EU’s dissolution risks are high and we could pay a very high price,” Ciolos added.

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