PM confirms gov’t reshuffle. What does she say about the amnesty and pardon GEO?

PM Viorica Dancila has announced on Friday that the evaluation of the ministries has started to probe into the extent the ruling programme has been fulfilled. „There have been many things done outside the ruling programme,” PM Dancila said while paying a visit to Arges county. She pointed out that every ministry will have a roadmap that it should take into account.

I will decide on a reshuffle following the evaluations I am conducting. I have already started evaluations for each ministry. There have been many, many things done outside the ruling programme,” Viorica Dancila.

PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea said on Saturday there has been no discussion at the party’s CexN about a government reshuffle, but such an idea will be assessed if the premier finds it necessary.

GEO in amnesty and pardon only after the protocols’ declassification

As for the emergency ordinance on amnesty and pardon, the premier said it will happen only after the secret protocols of the intelligence bodies with other institutions are declassified. “In order to proceed, we have to start from a Moment Zero, we must have the protocols declassified. I think we have to end this and the only solution is to disclose all protocols first,” Dancila stressed.

Dancila says she is willing to go to the EP’s debates on rule of law in Romania

After the European Parliament decided on Thursday to hold a plenary session next month to tackle the current situation in Romania, more precisely to discuss about the justice law amendments and rule of law, but also about the recent protests in Bucharest, PM Viorica Dancila said she hadn’t talked to the EC President Jean-Claude Juncker yet, but she will, and that she is very willing to go the European Parliament if she is invited for debates.

Dancila added that „it’s not about excusing someone” in the case of the violence during Diaspora rally on August 10, but about telling Juncker that  prosecutors’ investigation must be waited.

I have all the openness to go both to the Romanian Parliament and to the European Parliament, wherever I am called, but I think it would not be wise from the Government or from the political leaders to express opinions, but we should let the result of the investigation to establish the truth,” Dancila said.

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