PM Dancila, ALDE’s Tariceanu clash over government’s performance

Amid tensions in the ruling coalition, ALDE chairman Calin Popescu Tariceanu has made his move in launching new criticism against his Social Democrat partners. In an interview to Mediafax, Tariceanu accused that the current Government “is functioning by default” and that he won’t be part of “an impotent Government”.

The positions in the Government are not important to me and to my colleagues. Not even for my position as Senate Speaker, for I’ve heard criticism saying ALDE won’t leave the government for I am losing my seat as Senate Speaker. Totally wrong. I won’t be part of an impotent ruling,” Tariceanu said.

A strong move, in force, is needed, to prove the PM’s determination and ability to be the leader of PSD and of the Government, to impose a ruling line. My feeling is that, at present, the Government and the central administration institutions, are functioning by default“, ALDE leader added.

He accused his SocDem partners of promoting “a double agenda”. “There is a parallel, double agenda, or there is just an incapacity to enforce all commitments,” he argued, announcing that ALDE is not willing to tolerate it anymore and that it will eventually leave the coalition if the situation is not solved.

Tariceanu also stated that “the impression of lack of competence” that the government is currently facing needs to be removed, hinting to PM Dancila that it is a big difference what she says and what she does.

ALDE leader has also slammed the PSD’s decision on the latest gov’t reshuffle, as well as the recent budget rectification.

“This Cabinet has not distinguished itself through brave acts or notable achievements (…) What more can you say when no major infrastructure project has started after two years and a half? Politically, it’s wrong to give more money to the intelligence services and to cut funds from Education, investments, EU funds, research (...)”, Tariceanu underlined.

Dancila fires back

PM Dancila replied that Tariceanu must be referring to the ALDE ministers and not to the entire Dancila Cabinet when talking about “functioning by default”. The premier said she would have preferred Tariceanu to make these statements within the coalition, and not in the mass media.

Frankly, I am surprised by Mr. Tariceanu’s statement. I think this Government has obtained results. Mr. Tariceanu also has ministers in the Government. He is probably referring to his ministers, for you cannot judge all ministers as a whole. It’s his opinion. I have other important things to do than retort to Mr. Tariceanu. I would have though liked that his opinion to be discussed within the coalition and not through mass media,” Dancila said.

She also added that the PSD leadership’s decision on the latest reshuffle still stands.

All that these accusations do is to split, and I have always urged on consensus and unity,” Dancila said.

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