PM Dancila endorses GEO on the appeal for annulment. ‘I won’t resign’, she says referring to the row with the President

PM Viorica Dancila told Antena 3 private broadcaster on Tuesday evening that the fact that the Government will issue an emergency ordinance to allow those convicted by the illegally constituted panels to file appeals for annulment “is not hindering the anti-corruption fight at all.”

Dancila resumed the idea that the European officials are misinformed and that she will talk to them on Wednesday and Thursday when she is in Brussels.

As for the political row with the Presidency, the head of the Executive said the political fight carried out by President Iohannis and the Opposition in 2018 had brought no benefit to the country and that they haven’t understood that exporting domestic disputes to Brussels is harmful.

I talked to the minister of Justice about this GEO that enables a fair trial. I think that, beyond the fact we discuss about the rule of law, about justice, we also must talk about these rights of these people. We must see how to correct these things, to give these people a chance. I saw the statements in Brussels, that they were talking about amnesty. We referred to the five-judge panels, which strengthens what I have said even more, meaning there is a lot of misinformation in the European Parliament“, Dancila argued.

The fact that we are issuing this GEO doesn’t prevent the anti-corruption fight at all. I think it allows those convicted to prove their innocence before some fair judge panels,” she added.

About the Gov’t-Presidency conflict

The premier also opined that President Iohannis’ war with the Government will not stop, especially that 2019 is an electoral year, adding that the President’s denial to appoint the minister of Development and Transports has been not grounded again.

The President is on electoral campaign and, besides what it’s good during all this time to hold the Presidency of the EU Council, I think what mostly counts for him is the electoral campaign, how he is reporting to his voters. I don’t think we are going to reach any consensus”, she pointed out.

She complained that it has never been a premier more attacked than her and the government activity more hindered to reach its goals. Dancila also said that she could have never resigned for she “could not let down the people who believed in her”.

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