PM Dancila on the multi annual financial framework: We’ll not get any political deal during the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council. What has the Polish FM said?

Romanian PM Viorica Dancila has told RRA public radio on Thursday that a political agreement among the EU member states on the multi annual financial framework will not be concluded during the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, as there is no consensus and the opinions are divided.

No, we won’t obtain any political agreement, we have a realistic approach. I said that we hope to take some important steps, but we won’t obtain a political agreement for the opinions are still divided among member states on this topic and the EU Council of December 2018 has pointed that out,” PM Dancila said.

Asked what is the most difficult dossier during Romania’s mandate at the helm of the EU Council, the premier replied: „ The most difficult file is definitely the multi annual financial framework for the other policies, such as the traditional ones or related to migration, asylum, foreign affairs will be up to the financial framework. We also have other challenges, I mean Brexit and the post-Brexit period”.

Dancila stated that Romania will do its best so that the Romanian citizens should benefit of the same rights after Brexit.

Another difficult dossier according to Dancila, which „is also very controversial” is the migration.

Dancila stressed that the context in which Romania is taking over the Presidency of the EU Council is atypical.

The legislative procedure will be shorter amid the European Parliament elections and the high number of dossiers to be concluded is creating a hige pressure on the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council (…) Beyond the existing topics, other ones are not out of question, crisis situations,” she said.

At the same time, the Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz also told RRA that Poland prefers that the future EU multi annual financial framework should be discussed by the new European Commission and the new European Parliament that will be set up after the EP elections in May.

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