PM Dancila urges President Iohannis to ask for Romania’s accession to Schengen and for CVM end during the Sibiu Summit. Iohannis’ retort

PM Viorica Dăncilă has talked about the importance of the EU Summit in Sibiu for Romania and for the EU future during the Government sitting on Wednesday, asking President Iohannis to demand Romania’s joining Schengen and the cease of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) during the summit tomorrow.
I demand President Iohannis to ask for Romania’s accession and for the cease of the CVM during the Summit in Sibiu“, stated the premier, adding that any meeting should have a concrete result for the citizens. “Romania’s and the Romanians’ interests should find themselves among this summit’s results”.
Romania’s Government, PSD and ALDE ministers have proved in all events held during Romania’s mandate of holding the rotating presidency of the EU Council that they promote Romania’s interests, the interests of the European Union and that they are able to propose solutions agreed by all member states. I’ve tried to build a normal relation with an institution of the Romanian state for Romania’s and Romanians’ benefit. This was not a request, was a proof of normality. I see that the personal and electoral interest of President Iohannis is what mostly counts”, the PM pointed out.
PM Dancila and PSD leaders voiced their discontent that the premier had not been invited to attend the EU informal summit in Sibiu tomorrow. President Iohannis retorted yesterday that “there will be no formal events” during the summit where “people would stay hanging out.
President: Unfortunately we have a government that ruined all that has been built
In a response to the premier’s demands on Schengen and CVM, the Romanian head of state replied on Wednesday that he had raised the issue of Romania’s not being monitored under CVM anymore since the first month of his mandate, yet adding that “PSD Government has ruined all that has been built in years and years of work”.
I have asked for these things constantly and I have been asking since the first month of my term. You know that I was in Brussels in January 2015 and I required that, (…) but unfortunately, we have a PSD government that ruined everything that has been built in year and years of work. If they had been serious people, if the Social Democrats had been determined to fight for Romania, I guarantee we wouldn’t have talked about CVM now and we’d have had a great chance to join Schengen. Anyway, I am constantly raising this issue, but to technically speak, the topic of Schengen is not tackled in the European Council, but in the format of the Interior ministers,” the Romanian president explained.
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