PM-designate Ciolos submits ruling programme and the ministers’ list in Parliament: “It’s no time for an experiment”

PM designate Dacian Cioloş has submitted in Parliament today that list of ministers proposed for his Cabinet and the ruling programme. The list includes ministers who have been in the Citu Government, but there are also new names.

The USR National Bureau and Political Committee have approved the list of ministers proposed by Dacian Ciolos and the ruling programme on Sunday.

Ciolos said that it is a tough ruling programme with immediate measures to be enforced for the health and energy crises.

“We hope that, in the final hour, the parliamentary parties will prove responsibility and will not extyend the political crisis”, said Ciolos. Asked what are chances for his Cabinet to be invested, Ciolos replied: “The fact that we are here submitting this list means we give the government a chance and this chance will be decided by vote by our MPs”.

“We submitted a list of ministers for an one-colour government for it’s no time for an experiment, We need people who can quickly address the political needs. We are ready to take tough measures. We need a government able to take these measures. We shall focus on the obvious priorities: the health crisis, hundreds of people are dying on a daily basis. We must be prepared for the energy crisis. We hope the political forces in Parliament understand the emergency. Each lawmaker will vote by his own consciousnesses and I hope he/she will think twice. It is not the time for political games. Our solution is convenient for everybody. I hope we can reach a political peace and avoid social convulsions“, the PM designate pointed out.

Ciolos said this is their strategy and that they are ready to get to work as soon as possible.

“We tried to negotiate a majority, but we failed, so we decided to go all the way,” he said. Questioned if USR is taking further actions to secure a parliamentary majority to get their Cabinet voted, Ciolos replied: “We have no actions to be taken. We are not negotiating under the table. Instead, we seek to put arguments on the table”.


List of proposed ministers

Prime-minister – Dacian Cioloș

Finance minister – Dragoș Pîslaru

Interior minister- Alin Stoica (former prefect of Bucharest)

Foreign Affairs minister – Dan Barna (former deputy PM in the  Cîțu Cabinet)

Agriculture minister- George Cățean

Environment minister – Mihai Goțiu

Justice minister – Stelian Ion (ex-minister in the Cîțu Gov’t)

Defence minister – Nicu Fălcoi

Economy minister – Claudiu Năsui (ex-minister in the Cîțu Gov’t)

Investments and EU funds minister – Cristian Ghinea (ex-minister in the Cîțu Gov’t)

Development minister – Ionuț Moșteanu

Energy minister – Cristina Prună

Transports minister – Cătălin Drulă (ex-minister in the Cîțu Gov’t)

Labour minister – Oana Țoiu

Health minister – Ioana Mihăilă (ex-minister in the Cîțu Gov’t)

Culture minister – Iulia Popovici

Youth ad Sports minister- Tudor Pop

Research and Digitalizalition minister – Monica Berescu

Education minister – Corina Atanasiu

In terms of ruling programme in the transport infrastructure sector, the USR program proposes a reform of the charging system for the use of road infrastructure on a “polluter pays” basis for heavily polluting tonnage vehicles.

It also envisages the adoption of a National Road Safety Strategy and the related legislative package, as well as the implementation of measures to reduce the number of black spots by 45%.

Their target is also to reduce by 25% the number of victims resulting from traffic accidents; 45% reduction in the number of black spots on the national road network; installation of 1,000 speed control systems, 300 mobile radars and 500 video cameras by the fourth quarter of 2024 to increase speed limit enforcement and road safety.

Other reforms included in the government program in the field of transport infrastructure aim at increasing the attractiveness of rail transport by increasing the share of newly purchased or modernized rolling stock (by up to 35%) for maximum efficiency and increasing the number of passengers; integration of naval transport with other modes of transport and increase by 15% by 2026 of freight transport on the Danube.

PNL and UDMR denied to endorse PM designate Dacian Ciolos for the PM seat, so USR will come before the Parliament this week with an one-colour government.

Chances that Dacian Ciolos is voted for the prime minister office are extremely low, as USR only has 80 votes in parliament.
On Sunday, USR leader Ciolos made a new call on PSD and PNL to vote his proposed Cabinet to get out of the political crisis.
“Regardless of the situation, I think we can be a solution including for PSD to overcome the upcoming months. Maybe we break our neck and you’ll get rid of us or maybe we’ll manage to keep things under control and we’ll allow you to count you percentages in peace. In any case, you win, because I am convinced that you do not want to wake up with a demolished country on a silver plate”, Ciolos stated.

“I am aware there have been an aversion and an anxiety inside PNL against us since the electoral campaigns of 2019 and 2020 (…) Now, the USR one-colour  government can be a solution for getting our of the crisis. Let us face this winter and think pragmatically of the best political solution to save what can be saved from the political project initiated last year”, the PM designate added.

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