PM Grindeanu retorts to PSD chair Dragnea: I will resign if he resigns. Communications minister teams up with the premier

Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu asked Social Democrat Party (PSD) leader, Liviu Dragnea, to assume responsibility for the current political crisis, accusing him that “he is desperately clinging to positions”. The premier states that he will resign if Dragnea resigns, too.

“At the moment, we are in a gridlock. Therefore, until Monday I ask Liviu Dragnea to think and assume responsibility for this crisis. After Liviu Dragnea resigns, I will resign,”  Grindeanu told a press conference at the Victoria Palace.

The premier said that Dragnea “is desperately clinging to positions hoping this will save him from the past”.

On the other hand, Sorin Grindeanu argued he is not interested in running for the chairmanship of the Social Democrat Party  if an extraordinary congress is to be held, but that he wants this forum to debate and solve “the problems in the party” that have appeared in the past two-three years and which prompted to the current situation.

He added that no matter how much would Liviu Dragnea try to get rid of him for he is inconvenient, he was, is and stays “a Social Democrat”.

“It’s a sad day for me. Today, upon Liviu Dragnea’s pressures, I have been ousted from PSD. I am looking into your eyes and say: no matter how much would Liviu Dragnea try to get rid of him for being inconvenient, I was, am and always be a Social Democrat”, Grindeanu said.

The PM added that at this moment, Liviu Dragnea is trying to seize an entire party, for “he is afraid” of getting in touch with most part of the party members.

“On June 15, 2017, our history will have written that L. Dragnea, against the country’s interests, has decided to topple down a legitimate government that he has named, as he used to boast some time ago. Not PSD, not the Romanians’ vote, not PSD and ALDE, but himself, as physical person.

Also today, it will be said that PSD has decided to file a non-confidence vote against its own party, for one single reason, that L. Dragnea wants more and more power, claiming that lying analysis,” PM Grindeanu pointed out.

He argued that he is not clinging to any position, for he has where to come back to, arguing he went to school “in due time, without repeating any year (editor note: hinting to the fact that Liviu Dragnea hasn’t got his remove during faculty)“.

“I would like to thank the ministers, they all understood to be responsible and come to work today, we’ll see the procedures in the upcoming days. No matter what happens in the next days, we have the duty not to make Romanians hurt, not to make the business environment hurt. If I see that ministers will not be able to do that, then I shall resign, we’ll follow the constitutional procedures and I hope PSD doesn’t lose ruling,” Grindeanu stated, aslo informing he will start meeting with PSD MPs following their request. “There is inside the party a great concern for they are under huge pressures to vote to topple down their own government,” he added.

Referring to Dragnea’s hint that he would be linked to the intelligence services, PM Grindeanu stated that he is not the one who used to go for “spritzers” and tennis games with representatives of the secret services. The premier warned that he would have “stronger reactions” on this topic if the PSD chairman continued making such statements.

Communications minister to resign only upon PM’s request

Meanwhile, despite PSD chairman Dragnea has announced earlier in the day that all ministers of the Cabinet had resigned and that the Communications minister would also send his resignation by e-mail, Augustin Jianu stated that he will resign from his position only upon the request of Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu, although he has received messages in these past days from people outside the Government that asked him to leave his position.

“I assure you now that I have no adherence for the position I am currently holding. Mr. Sorin Grindeanu’s request is enough and my resignation will be forwarded upon his request.”

He revealed that in the past days he received numerous messages from people outside the Government, “from cabinet chiefs to secretaries, from senators to simple party members,” that requested him to resign, “on behalf of Liviu Dragnea”.

“All told me, through nervous voices and messages, on behalf of Mr. Dragnea, to resign. Except Mr. Dragnea who, in the meantime, declared in front of a nation that he already had my resignation. I must admit I am a bit surprised by the ‘ethical balance’ of Liviu Dragnea: when a man makes efforts to demonstrate to Romanian citizens that more can be done in Romania, he requests his resignation. However when I myself have told him that an important member of the party asked me for illegitimate favors, Mr. Dragnea left him in position. What kind of people are we?”, Jianu asked.

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