PM Ponta in Chisinau: Romania is capable now to invest in R. Moldova on energy

Agreement on extending Iasi-Ungheni pipeline.


Romanian PM Victor Ponta met his counterpart from Republic of Moldova, Chiril Gaburici on Tuesday in Chisinau. Ponta reiterated that Romania remains the most resolute, unconditioned supporter of R. Moldova’s European integration path. While underlining that Romania is developing with Moldova a special partnership not a strategic one, Romanian prime minister pointed out there are growing potential and necessary resources to develop joint energy projects, as Romania is capable right now to invest in Moldova on energy interconnection projects.

In his view, R. Moldova must have two energy and gas resources and must choose the best and cheapest one. “Romania is capable now, has the necessary resources to invest in R. Moldova- economic growth, our energy companies had significant turnover in 2014,” Ponta argues during the joint press conference with his Moldovan counterpart, adding that political agreements all need to be enforced.

On the other hand, the Romanian prime minister also tackled the topic of Romanian George Simion, recently expelled from Republic of Moldova. Simion is the leader of the Unionist Action Platform 2012, a movement that advocates the unification of the Republic of Moldova with Romania. Ponta told PM Gaburici that the judiciary must analyze his situation, while the court can bring in a just verdict that nobody will challenge if Simion is proved to have broken the law.

In his turn, Moldova premier Gaburici confirmed the constructive level of the bilateral relations, underlining the partnership between the two countries continues to develop.

“Today we signed the memorandum of understanding on interconnecting gas and energy networks between Romania and R. Moldova. This doesn’t mean we give up other suppliers, but only that we diversify the sources. The memorandum stipulates the extension of Iasi-Ungheni pipeline up to Chisinau in Moldova and up to Onesti in Romania,” Gaburici informed.

The energy interconnection projects would need a EUR 750 million investment, EUR 421m for the infrastructure in R. Moldova and EUR 329m in Romania. According the Moldovan’s government, the investments are to be implemented during 2015-2018.

Several economic agreements were also signed by Romanian and Moldovan Economy ministers.

Victor Ponta’s last visit to Chisinau was in October 2014, when Iurie Leanca was the Moldova’s premier.



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