PM slams CCR following decision on delaying general election

PM Ludovic Orban has slammed the Constitutional Court’s reasoning on ruling that general election due in December can be delayed till March, arguing that the CCR must be changed and cleaned from “politruks” who must be replaced by technocrats.

“The CCR reasoning is a gross violation of the Constitution by the precise body that should be the Constitution’s guardian. The Constitutional Court’s membership must be changed, the politruks there must be replaced by magistrates who have serious careers, not people who were politicians and who are appointed at CCR to respond to political orders“, PM Orban pointed out.

The prime minister said he cannot understand the ruling to allow the Parliament decide when the elections should take place. “MPs are not held responsible for their vote in Parliament, for their political opinions (…) Which is a MP’s interest? To extend his mandate as much as possible, especially that many will not be on the list for this general election. So, there is no kind of accountability for the individual lawmakers who can prevent free elections (…)

Why should be that? For Florin Iordache and others are ordering Dorneanu (editor note- Valer Dorneanu, the CCR president, former PSD member) and other politically appointed judges who are putting on conveyor rulings that have nothing to do with the Constitution and with democracy? The incumbent Parliament, this toxic majority resulting from the 2016 elections, with Dragnea who used to recount how salaries and pensions will increase, this toxic majority is destroying Romania, behaving like a domestic enemy, for we don'[t have foreign enemies anymore, we have domestic ones”, Orban raged out.


In retort, CCR president Valer Dorneanu said he shall refrain from retorting to the prime minister, while assuring that CCR is defending the rule of law and that all constitutional judges are “experienced professionals”.

“We are all experienced professionals, we cannot be labelled as politruks. CCR si defending the rule. In no other country the PM can afford to have a suburban stance against the Constitutional Court”, Dorneanu said.

In his turn, PSD chair Marcel Cilacu retorted that the premier’s attack against CCR is unprecedented and represents “at attack against the rule of law”.

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