PNL asks for the resignation of Dancila gov’t, threatens with no confidence vote. What has PM replied?

The National Liberal Party (PNL) has asked for Dancila Government to resign, otherwise it will file a censure motion against the incumbent Cabinet by the end of this parliamentary session, PNL chairman Ludovic Orban announced on Monday.

We reiterate the request to the government, resign, you have no more legitimacy, Romanians don’t want you anymore. If the Government doesn’t step down, PNL will file a censure motion by the end of the parliamentary session”, Orban told a press release.

The Liberal leader said that even if Dragnea is not PSD’s chairman anymore, PNL will continue the fight on all fronts with PSD: “Only a head of the dragon has been cut off, PSD is still a danger for democracy and for Romania’s Euro-Atlantic destiny”.

According to Orban, the message of the referendum and of the European elections has been simple: “The overwhelming majority of the Romanians don’t want PSD in power anymore”, he argued, adding that PNL “will use all possible constitutional and legal actions to stop this ruling.

Negotiations with all opposition parties will follow to lure as many votes as possible.

USR chairman Dan Barna has said they, too, endorse the idea of a censure motion.

USR considers that a censure motion is needed. We understand that PSD ruling has not intention to resign, it won’t assume anything of the serious abuses (…) Our stance is that this government must leave and another cabinet must follow to organise early elections that are fundamental for Romania. The current ruling coalition has no legitimacy to govern Romania anymore. USR will not be part of any potential non-PSD alternative government, but it is willing to endorse such a cabinet in parliament as long as that government assumes some of our initiatives: No more criminals in public offices, two-round local elections to elect mayors, amending GEO 114 and amending special pensions law”, said Dan Barna.

PM Dancila: Don’t relate EP elections to this government

In retort, PM Viorica Dancila asked that “EP elections should not be related to her government anymore”, calling on the Oppositon to observe the Constitution. Dancila said “the government will go home” if a censure motion is voted in Parliament.

The premier also invoked the need for stability during this time when Romania is holding the presidency of EU Council.

While we are talking about toppling down the government, others are negotiating leading positions in Brussels (…) Instead of attending these talks we are trying to take the internal fight to the peak and sink such important moments into irrelevance”, Dancila pointed out.

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