PNL decides not to endorse Dacian Ciolos for the PM seat, sends him to PSD and AUR. Ciolos-Citu-Kelemen meeting cancelled

The Executive Bureau of the National Liberal Party (PNL) has decided on Friday not to endorse Dacian Ciolos to form a new government. The Liberals’ decision comes before the discussions scheduled between PM designate Dacian Ciolos, Florin Citu and Kelemen Hunor on Friday afternoon.

PNL also decided to tell Dacian Ciolos and USR to go to “PSD and AUR” to forma parliamentary majority.

PNL chairman Florin Citu said after the meeting of the party leadership that the mandate for the negotiations with the PM designate Dacian Ciolos is to send him to secure a majority from PSD and AUR. “If he fails, PNL will kick off negotiations with all leaders of the responsible political parties, except for AUR, to find a solutions“, Citu stated.

“USR is part of a parliamentary majority next to PSD and AUR. The vote for the censure motion was a political one and meant the break of the coalition with PNL. USR is the one that has the political liability. Symmetrically speaking, the responsibility to set up a new government must be taken by the PSD-USR-AUR coalition. Dacian Ciolos has the duty to seek support in the coalition partners from PSD and AUR. PM designate Dacian Ciolos must negotiate with the two parties to find the necessary number of votes for his Cabinet to be installed. If he fails, PNL will kick off its own negotiations with all leaders of the responsible political parties, except for AUR, to find solutions for the Romanians”, Citu said.

Before the decision, interim Interior minister Lucian Bode had said that PNL’s clear decision is to endorse Florin Citu for the PM office. PNL secretary general Dan Vilcenau also said that the government must be shaped around PNL, with Florin Citu as prime minister.

Asked if PNL considers him to be proposed as PM, Lucian Bode replied: “We cannot play games with the proposals from one day to another”.

Ciolos-Citu-Kelemen meeting cancelled. USR to seek a vote in Parliament for a one-colour gov’t

After the Liberals’ decision to not endorse Ciolos, USR has announced the meeting scheduled in the afternoon between Dacian Ciolos, Florin Citu and Kelemen Hunor had been cancelled.
Sources from USR told that Dacian Cioloș wil not negotiate with PSD and AUR and that he will come before the Parliament to ask for a confidence vote for a one-colour Cabinet, consisting only in USR members.
As a matter of fact, USR was expecting such a response from PNL and had a plan B drafted, with a ruling programme and a list of proposed ministers to submit in Parliament next week.

The draft lift of a Cioloș Cabinet without PNL and UDMR

  • deputy PM: Dan Barna
  • Finance minister: Anca Dragu / Claudiu Năsui
  • Education minister: Ștefan Pălărie
  • Health minister: Ioana Mihăilă (not 100% sure)
  • Interior minister: Dragoș Tudorache
  • Development minister: Ionuț Moșteanu
  • Transports minister: Cătălin Drulă
  • EU Funds minister: Cristian Ghinea
  • Labour minister: Oana Țoiu / Dragoș Pîslaru
  • Economy minister: Cristina Prună
  • Justice minister: Stelian Ion / Raluca Prună
  • Culture minister: Iulian Bulai / Marius Manole
  • Agriculture minister: George Cățean
  • Environment minister: Octavian Berceanu
  • Youth minister: Tudor Pop
  • Defence minister: Nicu Fălcoi
  • Digitalization minister: Radu Panait/ Cosette Chichirău
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