PNL distances itself from mayor investigated for filming his naked daughter while humiliating her

The National Liberal Party (PNL) is distancing itself from one of its candidates in local elections, the incumbent mayor of Sangiorz-Bai, running for a new term, after a footage had been released in the media with the mayor himself, Traian Ogagau, filming his daughter, naked and on her knees, up against the wall, and scolding her.

PNL says it condemns any kind of violence against children, stressing that Traian Ogagau is not member of PNL anymore and that he is not running anymore for the Sangiorz-Bai city hall on behalf of PNL.

Following the footage released in the public space, featuring the mayor of Sangeorz-Bai, Traian Ogagau, PNL Bistrita-Nasaud says that he is not member of PNL anymore and that he is not running anymore for the Sangiorz-Bai city hall on behalf of PNL. 

We are absolutely distancing ourselves from this conduct and we are firmly condemning any act of violence against children, regardless of the aggressor. Any reprehensible act against minors must be investigated and punished.

The National Liberal Party will never accept to be associated with any type of violence, the more the one against minors, inside the family or outside it,” said the president of PNL Bistrița-Năsăud, Ioan Turc.

PM Ludovic Orban has also reacted, stating that he had not seen the footage, but that Ogagau is not a PNL candidate, but an independent one.

However, despite the Liberal leaders’ statements, mayor Ogagau is featuring in this electoral campaign (banners, etc) under the PNL’s electoral signs.

Police has been notified ex officio on the video footage published by Gazeta de Bistrița where the mayor was humiliating his daughter. In retort, Ogagau says that nobody has the right to tell him how to educate his children.

As seen in the footage the mayor punished his daughter, making her stay naked, on her knees , hands over her head and making her say that she is not naughty anymore.

“I shall not be naughty anymore and I will not upset mom and dad anymore”, “I will do exercises and I will learn”, “What I did today was out of common”, “I am the naughtiest girl in this hotel”, is part of what the mayor is making his daughter say.

In retort, Ogagagu says that PSD is behind this electoral attack. “My personal life is my personal life and it cannot be used in the campaign, the more it involves children,” he argues, adding that nobody can tell him how to raise his children.

“He who spares the rod hates his son, he who loves his son takes care of disciplining him, says a proverb from the Bible”, the mayor also argues.

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