PNL leader Ludovic Orban wants Viorel Catarama excluded from the party

The National Liberal Party will discuss on Monday the exclusion from the party of PNL District 2 First Vice-chairman, Viorel Catarama (photo), upon the proposal filed by Chairman Ludovic Orban.

The proposal needs to be validated by the National Standing Bureau and to be confirmed by the National Leading Council in the coming period.

According to party sources, the proposal was made following Catarama’s repeated criticism against Ludovic Orban for not filing the proposal for Prime Minister during the consultations with the President last winter.

Viorel Catarama says the exclusion decision is “a gesture of desperation and stupidity” and claims the party chairman did not observe the statute, so any approach in this regard is null.

“Such a proposal has to come from the branch I am member of. The decision is illegal and null. (…) I am not concerned about this.” Catarama said.


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