PNL refuses any TV debate between Iohannis and Dancila

Dan Motreanu, Klaus Iohannis’ campaign manager for the presidential election, has announced on Monday evening after a meeting with the incumbent President that they don’t consider opportune a TV debate between Klaus Iohannis and Viorica Dancila in the wake of the election runoff. Before the meeting, the head of state had avoided to give an answer on this topic, saying he will discuss that with his campaign staff, but also denouncing that PSD’s proposal for a TV debate is just “a stunt”.

“For us it is very clear that no such debates should take place in the election runoff, for, in our view, democracy means, first of all, to meet citizens. We are going to have meetings with the citizens. We’ll also organizer election rallies, not in Bucharest, we prefer in other counties,” Motreanu stated.

Asked if President Iohannis is afraid of a debate, Motreanu denied: “Not at all,  the President is not afraid of any debate. In our view, we consider that the two candidates are well known, had executive positions in the last years in Romania, so their activities are known and I think a confrontation is pointless at this moment, in this campaign, for it makes no difference”.

Motreanu also said that Klaus Iohannis had asked for a higher mobilisation compared to the first round of the presidential election. “Yet, out of 47 counties, including the Bucharest’s districts, we won 37. We hope we’ll win at least 40 in the runoff”.

As a weak spot of the campaign, Motreanu mentioned ” a slight demobilisation” of the Liberal voters, meaning they considered that Iohannis was in a very good position, and for this reason many voters said “things are already settled,” adding that this stance is yet “false”.

Questioned if “a normal Romania” doesn’t also mean debates among candidates, Motreanu replied that “democracy means first all the direct meeting with the citizen”, adding that “there are many countries where no such electoral debates take place”.

Also asked if the President wants to attend this debate, his campaign manager said: “No. The President asked for his campaign staff’s opinion and we gave him an opinion”.

PSD chairwoman Viorica Dancila, who will face Klaus Iohannis in the election runoff on November 24 said  she will send a letter to the President, to invite him for a debate where each of them should present his/her achievements and projects.

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