PNL reveals ruling programme: Net average salary of EUR 1,000 by 2024, almost 1,000 km of highways, increased pensions, doubled child allowances

Liberals are promising that Romania will have the highest economic growth in the European Union in four years, while the Romanians’ net average salary will mount to EUR 1,000. PNL pledges to rise pensions by 46% and to double child allowances, according to the ruling programme launched on Thursday.

The programme also vows that almost 1,000 kilometers of highways and express roads will be concluded by 2024, while projects for four more motorways will be kicked off.

At the same time, the Liberals promise to revise the Constitution, to amend in Parliament the law through which the mayors will be elected in two rounds again and to dismantle the Special Section for Investigation Magistrates.

Liberals promise that Romania will have the highest economic growth in the EU in the upcoming 4 years, of over 6% in 2024 and that GDP will increase by over RON 450 billion up to over RON 1,500 billion.

PNL also vows to create over 560,000 new better paid jobs, and to rise the average net salary by almost 50% up to RON 1,000/per months in 2024.

The pension point will rise by 46% by 2024, from RON 1,265 in 2019 to RON 1,840 in 2024. The annual average pension will increase by around RON 536 up to almost RON 2,000 in 2024.

The Liberal programme also claims that the Romanians’ purchasing power will rise by over 30% and that the annual inflation will decline below 2pc.

PNL also claims they will conclude over 970 km of highways and express roads during 2021-2024, among which:

  • 320 Km of A7 Highway, Ploiești-Buzău-Focșani-Bacău-Pașcani –  RON 6.09 bln;
  • 160 Km of Transilvania Highway – RON 4.17 bln;
  • 43 Km of Pitești-Sibiu Highway (section one Sibiu-Boița and section 5 Curtea de Argeș-Pitești) – RON 2,32bln;
  • 100 Km of Bucharest Ring Road Highway (South and North) – RON 4,93 bln;
  • 24 Km of Sebeș-Turda Highway ( section 2 – RON549.33 bln;
  • 14 km  of Lugoj-Deva Highway ( section 2 – RON 1,36 bln.

New infrastructure investment projects to be kicked off:

  • A8 Highway, Târgu Mureș-Târgu Neamț-Iași-Ungheni – aprox. 311 Km, RON 35,85 bln;
  • A7 Highway, Pașcani-Suceava-Siret – 101 km, RON 2,18 bln;
  • A13 Highway, Brașov-Bacău – 165 km, RON 8,85 bln;
  • A13 Highway, Sibiu-Brașov – 125 km, RON 7,10 bln;
  • North Highway – 335 km, RON 6,68 bln;
  • Ploiești-Comarnic-Brașov Highway – 113,6 km, RON 6,31 bln;
  • Sections 2,3 and 4 of Sibiu-Pitești Highway – 79 km, RON 11,32 bln.


Among projects for the economy, PNL plans to extend the delay of the payment of bank mortgages by July 1, 2021, to defer fiscal obligation payments for 12 months, to grant state guarantees for subsidied interest credits through IMM Invest and Eximban- RON 30 billion, as well as to launch new guarantee facility programmes for SMEs: Agro-Invest, „I.C. Brătianu” Card, Venture IMM, Capital IMM etc.


As for the electoral reform, PNL promises to extend the vote by mail countrywide, to get back to the two-round elections for mayors and to double the number of MP seats allotted to the Romanian Diaspora.

For the healthcare chapter, Liberals pledge to increase the public financing for the medical sector up to 6% of GDP and to use EU funds worth EUR 4.6 billion for that during 2021-2027.

In terms of education, the promises are for a reform of the educational career: continuous training for teachers, salaries based on the teachers’ results, encouraging the interdisciplinary approaches. PNL also promises to connect to Internet all educational units in Romania till the start of the 2022-2023 school year.

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