PNL seems to change its mind on nominating Florin Cîțu for the PM seat

Although they had voted to endorse Florin Citu for a new PM office a day ago, the National Liberal Party seems to have changed its mind today. PNL decided in its Friday’s National Executive Bureau meeting to forward no nomination for the PM seat at the consultations with President Iohannis on Monday if it fails to shape a parliamentary majority.

“Taking into account that we currently have no majority in the Parliament, PNL will not make any PM nomination at these consultations. PNL’s National Executive Bureau considers that, to unlock the political crisis, it is best for PNL not to advance any nomination for the PM office at Monday’s consultations. However, the PNL’s decision that the nominated premier should be the party chairman, Florin Cîțu, remains unchanged,” PNL announced this evening.

The National Liberal Party’s Executive Bureau had unanimously decided on Thursday night to nominate Florin Citu as the PM proposal that the party will present at the consultations with President Iohannis at Cotroceni Palace on Monday.

“The National Liberal Party decided in the meeting of the National Executive Bureau, tonight, that the PNL nomination for the position of prime minister, at Monday’s consultations at the Cotroceni Palace, be Florin Cîțu, the interim prime minister, the PNL chairman“,  PNL told a press release.

The delegation that will represent the PNL at the consultations convened by the President of Romania consists of: the PNL president, Florin Cîțu, and the first vice-presidents: Rareș Bogdan, Gheorghe Flutur, Lucian Bode and Iulian Dumitrescu.

On Tuesday this week, the Cabinet led by PM Florin Citu was dismissed by a censure motion in Parliament, after less than 11 months in office and one month after USR-PLUS had withdrawn from the ruling coalition government.

Ex-PNL chair Ludovic Orban slams the party, President Iohannis

Former PNL chair Ludovic Orban said that President Klaus Iohannis would violate the Constitution if he nominated Florin Citu as PM once again.He invoked a CCR ruling in this regard.

All that Iohannis had done in the past three months was to destroy PNL, to destroy cohesion and to affect Romania’s fundamental interests on long term. Practically, Iohannis seems to have nothing to do with the reality and all his actions have negative effects for Romania“, Orban stated.

USR: It measn they’ve got a deal with PSD

USR deputy Ionut Mosteanu retorted to the information that PNL will nominate Citu for the PM seat again that it means they have got a deal with PSD to vote for Citu in Parliament.

“Nominating Florin Citu again, two days after he had been sacked by the Parliament, means that they have a deal with PSD for the latter to endorse Citu”, Mosteanu said.
USR delegation that will go to the consultations with the head of state on Monday consists in: Dacian Cioloş, Dan Barna, Cristian Ghinea, Stelian Ion and the Senate Speaker, Anca Dragu.
USR, PSD and AUR have already announced they would endorse the option Citu prime minister.
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