PNL to support Klaus Iohannis in the 2019 elections. Ludovic Orban proposed as prime minister

The PNL National Council has decided on Sunday to support current President Klaus Iohannis, if he will run for a new presidential term and PNL chairman Ludovic Orban for the office of prime minister, if the party will win the next parliamentary election.

Of the 817 votes cast at the sitting, 793 were to support Klaus Iohannis if he would run for a new presidential term.

Of the 821 votes cast for the possible PNL premier, Ludovic Orban had 685 votes, and Viorel Cataramă 113 votes.

In his speech, Ludovic Orban said PNL wants a “European government of 14-15-ministries” and that “all those hired by PSD without a contest” must be “dismissed” from the central administration.

“PNL has a candidate for President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, the current President. Also, PNL, according to the statutory provisions, has decided on the party’s candidate for the office of prime minister. I thank all my colleagues who have expressed their confidence in my ability to carry out this candidacy,” Ludovic Orban said at the National Council sitting after announcing the result of the vote that confirmed him as a PNL proposal for prime minister.

He also congratulated his counter-candidate, Viorel Catarama, for keeping the spirit of competition alive.

The delegates of the National Council of the National Liberal Party decided to supplement the agenda with two new issues, respectively the validation as proposal for the office of prime minister of Ludovic Orban and the candidate for the office of President of Romania for the 2019 elections – Klaus Iohannis.

The 785 PNL delegates gathered on Sunday at the Parliament Palace for the sitting of the National Council.

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