PNL, USR-PLUS shake hands for common candidates in Bucharest, PMP left out

PNL has reached an agreement with USR-PLUS in the homestretch on common candidates for the Bucharest district city halls. On the other hand, another right-wing party, PMP, founded by former president Traian Basescu, has been left out, as USR-PLUS did not agree to give up a district city hall to PMP.

Negotiations are continuing today.

So, according to this agreement, PNL would have candidates for district 3, 5 and 6, while USR-PLUS will propose candidates for districts 1, 2 and 4, as PNL has give up endorsing Dan Cristian Popescu at district 2. If Liberals are willing to give in a district to PMP, that would most probably be district 3.

PMP chairman Eugen Tomac said today that his party has not been invited to the Alliance for Bucharest, as USR is opposing. Tomac said PMP had not been invited to any negotiation and that the only talk he had was with Nicusor Dan, candidate for the Bucharest General City Hall, whom he is willing to endorse. Tomac warned that PMP also want to have candidates for the Capital districts, otherwise, the right-wing risks winning just only one sector.

Former PMP chair and ex-president Traian Basescu had warned he would run for the Bucharest mayor if the right-wing parties did not shake hands for common candidatures.

In his turn, Nicușor Dan has voiced confidence that the right-wing parties will “have the wisdom” to reach a deal on the candidatures for the local elections in Bucharest, as they did in his case.
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