PNL, USR-PLUS, UDMR agreement on the Cabinet: Florin Citu-PM, PNL to name the Chamber speaker, USR-PLUS to take the Senate and 6 ministries

The PNL, USR-PLUS and UDMR leaders have concluded the negotiations on establishing a ruling coalition that lasted more than ten hours on Friday and agreed on the future Cabinet, ministries and the Parliament top positions.

The PM-designate is the incumbent interim Finance minister Florin Cîțu and there will be two deputy PMs, one from USR-PLUS and the other from UDMR. The future Cabinet will have 18 ministries, with PNL taking nine ministries, USR-PLUS- six ministries and UDMR portfolios.

As for top positions in the Parliament, the Chamber speaker will be designated by the Liberals, while USR-PLUS will name the Senate speaker. USR-PLUS have also obtained the helm of the PM’s Chancellery.

PNL, USR-PLUS and UDMR leaders agreed to have Florin Citu as PM, Ludovic Orban as speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, sources had told the mainstream media earlier on Friday.

That means USR-PLUS took a step back, as it had also eyed the leadership of the lower chamber for Dan Barna, but they will be compensated by getting a deputy PM position and more ministries.

Under this agreement, Dan Barna and Kelemen Hunor are favorites to take over the deputy PMs seats.

Ludovic Orban, PNL chair: “As we committed to form a centre right-wing coalition, today the three parties have reached a deal on the Government and its structure”.

Dan Barna, USR-PLUS co-chair: “Today is important in this complicated time for Romania. We have had discussions since morning, we found the best solution, we think, for a parliamentary majority and for a balanced government”.

Dacian Ciolos, USR-PLUS co-chair: “Contrary to what many probably thought, that there will be a tough, difficult negotiation, with fights, here we are, succeeding in offering s supple Cabinet structure with 18 ministries.

Kelemen Hunor, UDMR chair: “We have agreed on a coalition to last 4 years, after 8 years when we had 12 governments. I am sure we’ll manage to create jobs, to invest in health, education”.

PM-designate Florin Citu: “I will directly get involved in the next days to conclude the ruling programme. It is important we have a sworn-in government as soon as possible”.


Negotiations between the three parties went on Friday at Vila Lac 1. Liberal MEP Rares Bogdan used to state this morning: “It will be white smoke today,” Rares Bogdan said, hinting that an agreement is under way, as when a white smoke is emerging from the chimney atop the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican, signaling that the cardinals have elected the Pope.

Asked about this “white smoke” today, as the Liberal had claimed, Dan Barna replied: “I have woodchips in my trunk, it’s OK”.

PNL ministries

  • Defence Ministry
  • Foreign Ministry
  • Finance Ministry
  • Interior Ministry
  • Education Ministry
  • Energy Ministry
  • Agriculture Ministry
  • Culture Ministry
  • Labour Ministry

USR-PLUS ministries

  • Justice Ministry
  • EU Funds Ministry
  • Health Ministry
  • Transports Ministry
  • Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitisation
  • Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism

UDMR ministries

  • Development Ministry
  • Ministry of Waters and Forests
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports

Names on the table

In the Liberal camp, favorite to take the Finance portfolios are Lucian Heiuș, Bogdan Huțucă

Bogdan Aurescu is agreed to remain as Foreign Minister, and Bogdan Ciuca as Defence Minister.

  • Energy Virgil Popescu
  • Interior ministry – Rareș Bogdan, Laurențiu Leoreanu
  • Education – Raluca Turcan, Sorin Cîmpeanu
  • Culture – Bogdan Gheorghiu
  • Agriculture – Adrian Oros / Emil Dumitru
  • Labour – Robert Sighiartău

According to sources, PLUS would reclaim the Finance ministry for Dragos Pislaru, who negotiated the Resilience Plan in Brussels. In exchange, USR might take the Justice portfolio, with the favorites being Stelian Ion, Dragos Tudorache or Ramona Strugariu.

Catalin Drula might be named the Transports minister, while Vlad Voiculescu has high chances to return at the helm of the Health Ministry, a position he held for several months in 2016 within the Ciolos technocrat Government.

Claudiu Nasui is favorite for the Economy portfolio, while Cristian Ghinea for the ministry of European funds.

As for UDMR, the favorite candidates are:

  • Development – Cseke Attila
  • Environment- Tanczos Barna
  • Youth and Sports- Oltean Csongor
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