PNL wants ordinance increasing dignitaries’ salaries rejected. Wrong time to discuss MPs allowances, Liberal Vice-president says

The National Liberal Party wants the Parliament to reject the ordinance increasing the dignitaries’ salaries, said on Monday PNL Vice-president Sulfina Barbu.
“PNL wants the Parliament to reject the ordinance on increasing salaries for the 48 officials, so that the issue is discussed as a whole when it comes to the law on public sector salaries. This is valid for MPs as well, we consider appropriate to discuss the public sector salaries, both for dignitaries and for employees in the budgetary system. It is very important to know how large is the wage bill, and how much can Romania afford in terms of increasing salaries for state employees, but we shouldn’t make distinctions between categories of employees. Let’s see what level of salary teachers can reach and physicians as well. Consequently, if we are talking about dignitaries, we should discuss all the budgetary system,” said Barbu at the Parliament Palace, before the National Liberal Party Standing Bureau meeting.
In her view, “it is not the appropriate time to discuss doubling the parliamentary allowances as a distinct category,” given that public confidence in parliament is very low, Barbu also said.

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