Podoliak: Romanian intelligence services should closely monitor Russia’s actions on the territory of Romania

Mykhailo Podoliak, Adviser to the President of Ukraine, stated, in an interview for Digi24.ro, that the Romanian intelligence services should carefully follow Russia’s actions on the country’s territory. Podoliak claims that Russia finances extremist movements in Europe and that its methods of action may even include political assassinations in countries it wants to destabilize.

“Russia wants to get involved in the internal affairs of many European countries in order to redirect the attention of these countries to internal conflicts. Russia funds ultra-radical movements. Russia has an extremely active influence through the information space, trying to propagate the idea that for Romania, and not only Romania, it would be much more convenient to be neutral and reduce aid to Ukraine. These two tools are present in different countries, not only in Romania, but also in the whole of Continental Europe. In France, Italy and so on. Russia funds far-right and far-left parties to take to the streets or online. On the other hand, Russia is trying to be extremely present in the online space to convey that we still need to fear it,” says Podoliak.

Asked if the scenario where Russia could pay assassins to kill in Romania and the Republic of Moldova in order to achieve its stated goals is plausible, Zelensky’s aide replied there is possible in any country, including in Romania and Republic of Moldova.

“In any country is possible, I am not prepared to talk exactly about Romania and the politicians from Romania, but I think it is possible in any country, to reposition the countries’ attention on internal issues. And, of course, thirdly, we are talking about the corruption of the political and economic elites of various countries. These are the basic instruments of the Russian Federation. I tell them once more: massive protests where there will be violence, a society dominated by criminal gangs, thirdly, the financing of political assassinations or coups d’état and, fourthly, the corruption of economic or political elites in different countries. With these methods Russia will act in different countries,” Podoliak stated.

“As for exact surnames and concrete actions of Russia, I think that the special services in Romania should follow very carefully everything related to Russia. I am referring here to their meetings and actions on Romanian territory,” the Ukrainian presidential adviser underlined.

Podoliak also said that Russia planned not only to attack Ukraine, but also Moldova and other Eastern European countries. He also criticizes the indulgence with which the Chisinau regime treats the existence of pro-Russian parties in Moldova.

“Russia has completely abandoned the masks and shown its face. And I insist that the existence of criminal enclaves, and Transnistria is a criminal exclave on the territory of Moldova, guarantees the path to the escalation of the conflict in that region. It is Russia’s way of trying to occupy someone else’s sovereign territory. Of course, Russia always had plans to conquer Moldova. Putin has always wanted to destroy the current leadership and install a puppet government,” he pointed out.

The Ukrainian presidential aide mentioned they had always told their partners that they do not plan to conquer only Ukraine. “Russia planned to conquer many countries in Eastern Europe and dominate Europe in general. Today, understanding that it will not be possible to conquer the south of Ukraine militarily, it is losing here. Russia will try to destabilize the situation in the Republic of Moldova in order to achieve two objectives. First, to distract Europe, scare Europe and redirect European resources that will be directed towards trying to solve the problem in Moldova. Secondly, he wants to create a southern front through Transnistria, against Ukraine, from this direction.”

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