Poll: In December, PSD, PNL and USR lost percentages. AUR up 2%

According to the latest INSCOP survey, the two major ruling parties, PSD and PNL, lost percentages in December compared to the previous month. The Social Democrats have fallen more than the Liberals, while the USR is also in a slight decline. AUR, on the other hand, is increasing by 2%. The data from December were collected partially before, partially after the Schengen moment, states the director of INSCOP, Remus Ștefureac.

Vote intentions: PSD – 31,5%, PNL – 20,2%, AUR – 18,1%, USR – 10,9%.

“The zig-zag evolution of voting intention for the main parliamentary parties in the last 2 years. Numerous oscillations according to the multitude of superimposed and successive crises. The synthesis of these developments shows us that 2023-2024 will be unpredictable years. Also, corroborating these data with more in-depth ones, I think that in the end, the electorate will reward serious work/responsibility and tax populism/demagogy. IMPORTANT: The December data were collected partially before, partially after the Schengen moment. The purpose of this graph is not to look for a possible emotional impact of a specific event, but to see the evolution over time, the unclear, zig-zag trends of the voting intention in the last 2 years”, the director of INSCOP, Remus Ștefureac, explained.


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