Poll on local elections: Nicusor Dan would get 36%, Gabriela Firea – 33%

Piedone announce candidature for Bucharest City Hall.

The current general mayor of the Capital, Nicuşor Dan, would have been voted by 36% of Bucharest residents in the local elections, and Gabriela Firea – by 33%, according to a CURS survey published on Sunday.

When asked if there would be local elections next Sunday for the position of general mayor, 36% of the respondents who would vote indicated Nicusor Dan (independent, supported by USR-PMP-Forţa Dreptei), 33% would vote for Gabriela Firea (PSD), 8% with Sebastian Burduja (PNL), 8% with Mihai Enache (AUR), 5% with Diana Şoşoacă (SOS), 10% – Cristian Popescu Piedone. Of those asked, 50% are undecided or do not vote.

In terms of parties, the first place for the Bucharest General Council is PSD – 34%, then USR-PMP-Forta Dreptei – 23%, PNL – 16%, AUR – 13%, SOS – 6%, PLUS – 6%, other – 3 %. 30% of the interviewees evaluated the activity of the general mayor, Nicuşor Dan, during the three years of his mandate as good, 4% – very good, while 29% believe that the mayor had a bad activity, and 30% – very bad.

To the question of what is the most important problem of the city of Bucharest, those surveyed answered: traffic – 34%, heating – 23%, health/hospitals – 18%, pollution – 6%, cleanliness – 5%, parks/green spaces – 5 %, buildings with seismic risk – 4%, public transport – 3%.

Those who responded to the survey said that they get information about political news from TV – 40%, Internet – 26%, social networks – 13%. 70% of them use the Internet daily or almost daily, 8% several times a week, 6% less often, 15% never.


Piedone announce candidature for Bucharest City Hall

Cristian Popescu Piedone has officially announced that he will run for the Capital City Hall. The mayor of Sector 5 declared, on Sunday, on B1Tv that he is certain that he will reach the final round, together with Nicușor Dan. He will run on behalf of the Humanist Social Liberal Party and does not back down from alliances.

Piedone says his 30 years in administration recommend him. I will run for the Capital City Hall from the Humanist Power Party! And whoever wants to line up next to us, to have an alliance with us, I’m open. I am both social and liberal! I will run for the Capital City Hall from PUSL. What they don’t have, I have! I have the support of the electorate. of the blade of grass. That’s where I come from, it’s in me, it’s in the social class It was my biological turn, thanks to my experience. My 30 years of age make me legislate that I took an oath. The final is played between me and Nicușor Dan”, said the mayor.

According to the latest CURS survey, the mayor of Sector 5 would have been voted by 10% of Bucharest residents.

In June last year, Cristian Popescu Piedone was released from prison, where he was serving a 4-year-sentence in the Colectiv fire file. On May 12, 2022, Cristian Popescu-Piedone was sentenced by the Bucharest Court of Appeal to 4 years in prison for abuse of office, a sentence reduced by half compared to the sentence of 8 years and 6 months in prison that he received at the Bucharest Court. In addition to the halving of the sentence, Piedone was removed from the list of defendants who must pay tens of millions of euros in damages to the victims of the fire.

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