Power grab kicks off inside ruling party. Dragnea-Ghi?? tandem to run for PSD leadership

PSD executive leader Liviu Dragnea will run for the party leadership in tandem with the fresh ‘self-suspended’ media tycoon Sebastian Ghi??. Despite a recent party decision that was ruling out any discussions over PSD new leadership before electoral elections, on Wednesday both of them exposed their plan to run for the highest party positions if the incumbent president Victor Ponta wins the presidential elections. “We shall put our candidature in for the party’s leadership, Mr. Dragnea for president, me for executive president”, Ghi?? said.

Asked if their move doesn’t conflict with PSD leadership’s official decision a few months ago, the influent PSD MP answered: “We all complied with that decision until some other colleagues have broken it. As this topic was filed on Tuesday, we considered it open for all party members. There is no need to pretend we are nuns. Viorel Hrebenciuc and Dan ?ova could be another tandem running for the party’s top positions”. Ghi?? referred to the high-sounding tapings that disclosed Hrebenciuc and ?ova’s intention to take over PSD’ s helm.

Soon after Ghi??’s statements, Liviu Dragnea sort of confirmed intention to run for the party’s leadership, saying if he decides on running, he will team up with Sebastian Ghi??. “I want to send a clear, steadfast message to PSD members: after Ponta becomes Romania’s President, our party will not fall in any angler’s hands. PSD president will be elected at the Congress with the members’ votes and will not be the result of any intrigues taking place in more or less obscure locations”, Dragnea said while in Cluj-Napoca, also hinting to Hrebenciuc-?ova conversations.

Hardly have Dragnea and Ghi?? announced to come into leadership play that PSD members started to react. PSD Vice-president Gabriel Firea, who took over the ruling party’s spokesperson position after Dan ?ova got suspended, welcomed the tandem, saying she would vote it at the upcoming PSD Congress.

While vice-president Marian Opri?an said only the Congress will confirm a new PSD leader, Chamber speaker Valeriu Zgonea opined that every party member decides for himself how he would support Victor Ponta during the campaign, adding he won’t make any further comments.




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