President announces consultations with parties on Monday, keeps on attacking USR

President Klaus Iohannis announced that he had invited the parliamentary parties for talks at Cotroceni Palace on Monday, starting 12:000hrs, to consult them on a solution to form the Cabinet after Citu Gov’t had been dismissed by censure motion a few two days ago.

The head of state mentioned that he “is determined and involved” in finding solutions, but at the same time, he kept on slamming USR, accusing them of “abandoning the ruling”.

“Dear Romanians, probably most of you have heard that a censure motion had taken place and the government had been toppled down by politicians who just wanted to show they have enough votes to dismiss the Cabinet. They have no strategy for what is about to happen next and, in my view, this government has been the victims of some petty political egos, which have no mindset for Romania and for Romanians behind.

USR, which boasted it’s a reformist party, has abandoned ruling at some point, which was not good. As if it wasn’t enough, they joined forces with PSD and AUR and toppled down the Cabinet. Now we have to find a way out of this crisis”, Iohannis stated.

The President said he will try to find a way out of the crisis during the consultations “together with those more mature and responsible ones”.

“I decided to hold a round of consultations with the parliamentary parties on Monday, starting 12:00hrs. Honestly, I don’t know if the first round of consultations will bring a solution, but I am personally totally committed and determined to find a way out of this crisis, for we cannot stay without a government over the winter. We are in full pandemic, in the middle of wave 4, for too less Romanians have got vaccinated, we are in a crisis of the energy prices, which was not generated by us, we are on the verge of winter and there are countless of issues that must be solved by a full-fledged Cabinet. We must find solutions to exit this government crisis with maturity and calm,” Iohannis pointed out.

Asked by the journalists about him blaming USR for starting the crisis, although their minister Stelian Ion has been sacked from the Justice ministry, Iohannis replied that Stelian Ion had been dismissed “for he had done his job”.

The timetable of consultations on Monday, October 11

  • 12:00hrs –National Liberal Party (PNL);
  • 13:00hrs –Social Democratic Party (PSD);
  • 14:00hrs – Save Romania Union (USR);
  • 16:00hrs – Alliance for the Romanians’ Union (AUR);
  • 16:30hrs – Democratic Union of Magyars in Romania (UDMR);
  • 17:00hrs –National minorities represented in Parliament.

USR retorts to the President’s criticism

The new USR chairman, Dacian Cioloș, has retorted to President Iohannis’ criticism, accusing PM Florin Citu in exchange that he had dismissed two USR PLUS ministers without consultations and that he had promoted only projects that were in PNL’s interest.

“The only reference of the President was to USR PLUS. What ruling? Was there any ruling for Romania’s benefit when PM Citu was promoting on the agenda only draft laws that were for PNL’s interest? Is this called a ruling coalition? We remained in the government for the state needs reforms. The President himself admits the Romanians’ confidence has dramatically fallen lately. And then, why don’t we proceed with the depoliticization? Why do we still keep positions to be used as sinecures for the people in PNL“, Ciolos told Digi24.

We have been practically pushed down the stairs by Florin Citu’s conduct; he not only sacked two of our ministers without consulting with us first, but he also forced the adoption of important draft laws that are engaging Romania with EUR 10 billion in the next five years, without any standards, without transparency, without taking note of our observations”, Ciolos added.

The USR chair reiterated that they are willing to continue this ruling coalition, but with another prime minister and with a clearer commitment to reforms. “A coalition government can continue when you trust your partner. After such a repeated behaviour, what confidence can we have?”.

In his turn, the former USR minister of Justice, Stelian Ion said that President Iohannis’ performance lately can be described by such words as “cynicism, vanity, foul-temper”. “The way he is repeatedly attacking USR PLUS is a clear sign of his previous intentions: the disguised restoration of USL (PNL and PSD) and rendering a safety net for the discretionary chopping of the state budget and of the EU money without the curious prosecutors asking questions”, Ion said.

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