President asks the Gov’t to forget about absurd referendums and assume responsibility

President Klaus Iohannis has had a new press statement at Cotroceni Palace on Sunday evening on the Caracal case after the investigators said suspect Gheorghe Dinca had confessed to murdering the two missing teen girls. The President said that all responsible for the tragedy in Caracal will have to be severely punished from the Police, Interior Ministry, to STS and all involved institutions.

Iohannis underlined he rejects the Government’s “petty political approach“, and urged the Government to think if maybe it is one who is the moral author of this tragedy.

“The institutions of the Romanian state have failed to do their job this time as well, the job to protect the fundamental right to life. It is a gloomy reality which, unfortunately, cannot be changed anymore. Those responsible in this case must be severely sanctioned. From the Interior Ministry, to STS, to all the institutions that will be found guilty of these tragedies. But punishments, no matter how severe and well deserved they might be, cannot bring back  the lost lives. Which is mandatory for us it to identify all means to prevent such tragedies from repeating”, the head of state argued.

Referring to the PM Dancila’s proposal to organise a referendum in the view of tightening sentences for rape, manslaughter and child molestation, President Iohannis asked the Government to forget “about absurd referendums and assume responsibility”.

Iohannis argued he would ask the Justice minister in the CSAT sitting on Tuesday to urgently analyse the amending the criminal laws, saying there are other solutions to prevent such tragedies.

“The criminal legislation must be amended in the interest of defending the fundamental rights and not to protect criminals”, the head of state argued, urging the PSD-ALDE government to cancel amendments operated to the justice laws in the past two years.

If PSD-ALDE don’t operate these amendments, I promise you I will secure a new majority after elections”, to make sure the rule of law is operational.

The head of state has slammed PSD-ALDE ruling, accusing it of lacking all credibility.

“Trampling out the justice laws, the criminal codes, the institutions responsible with the citizen’s safety has been and still is one of the guidelines of this majority in parliament. I’ve heard the prime minister’s calls to not politicise this situation. It would be an honest call if it came from honest people who are openly and frankly looking for solutions to solve the situation. But when it comes from those who have slaughtered laws, have ousted competent people to name their relatives in office, who have diminished sentences from criminals and who wanted to politically subordinate the entire judiciary system in order to get rid of responsibility, when these people are talking about referendums related to justice, then they have no credibility left and their calls have no value whatsoever! The politicisation of the Interior Ministry is unfortunately a reality in Romania in 2019!”, Klaus Iohannis concluded.

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