President: ‘If we remain alert and responsible, more restrictions will be soon lifted’

President Klaus Iohannis said after the CSAT meeting at Cotroceni on Wednesday that more restrictions could be lifted if we maintain our vigilance and responsibility.

“The number of infections remains pretty constant, which means the trend is flattening. We’ll get over this stage, too if we still are vigilant and responsible. If we wear facemasks, keep the hygiene and maintain social distancing the number of infections will decrease, so we’ll be able to lift further restrictions as soon as possible”, the Romanian head of state explained.

The daily report of coronavirus infections has been constant below 200 cases in the past days.

Health minister Nelu Tataru has also told BI TV on Tuesday that Romania is on a downward trend in the evolution of COVID-19 infections and that authorities will announce at the end of this week how were the first 14 days since the restrictions had been eased down and what other measures will be enforced as of June 1.

The minister has yet underlined that precaution must still be the watchword and that Romanians might get back to a semi-normal life as of early August if all rules are observed in the coming period.
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