President Iohannis after the fall of the Gov’t: Romania is crisis, the situation was generated by cynical politicians

After Citu Government has been dismissed by censure motion in Parliament today, President Klaus Iohannis said in a press conference that we are in crisis, blaming “cynical politicians” for this situation, namely those who voted the motion: PSD, USR and AUR.

“It’s sad, but it is true. The word that suits Romania best today is crisis. The 4th wave of the pandemic has hit us hard. We are in a crisis of the energy price and some politicians thought they’d better add another crisis, of the government. The censure motion was successful, so the Government fell down.

Many nasty things have been said in politics in the past months. The situation was prompted by cynical politicians, some wearing the mask of reform, others pretending they care about Romanians.

Beyond any statements: USR was part of this coalition, left the government and voted in favor of the motion alongside PSD and AUR. These are the facts. The rest is political speech and demagogy.

We have to find a solution, Romania must be governed- pandemic, electricity crisis, winter is coming. Solutions are needed and it’s time parties and politicians take some mature decisions.

In order to give political parties time to convene their internal leadership bodies, I won’t summon consultation till next week,” the Romanian head of state said.

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