President Iohannis biking to work after joining the Green Friday campaign

President Klaus Iohannis has joined the “Green Friday” campaign launched by the Environment Ministry some time ago, and went to work at Cotroceni Presidential Palace on the bicycle.
The “Green Friday” is an initiative meant to reduce the pollution caused by the traffic congestion in big cities and to convince citizens to give up their personal cars and to use more Eco-friendly transportation means.
“I want to be part of the Green Friday campaign, which I find very good. Our cities are very congested, we have huge traffic congestion. I encourage Romanians to use the alternative means of transportation or to walk. Biking is also very healthy. A little rain haven’t harmed anyone”, the President said upon arriving at the Cotroceni Palace.
The route of the head of state started at the Aviatorilor Stature and ended at Cotroceni Palace. President Iohannis wore protection helmet and facemask.
Under the motto “STOP! Today the car stands still”, the “Green Friday” campaign encourages the state and private employees to use the alternative transportation means with the purpose of reducing pollution and of the carbon emissions, implicitly.
The campaign aims that, by the end of this year, at least one in four employees to come to work on Friday either waking or by bike or the public transportation means and thus, to give up their personal cars, for a day.
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  • Giles Eldridge

    Klaus, if you are serious, it needs to be Green Saturday to Thursday too.