President Iohannis calls PNL, PSD, UDMR to come together for consultations. New deadlocks in the negotiations

President Klaus Iohannis has summoned consultations with the parliamentary parties to discuss about the establishment of the new Cabinet on Monday. PNL, PSD, UDMR, who are negotiating  a ruling coalition government, were asked to come together as of 12:00hrs.

The head of state also called USR for talks at 12:30, AUR at 13:00 and the national minorities group at 13:30.

So, by Monday, the three parties, PSD, PNL and UDMR should agree on dividing the ministries and to conclude the ruling programme. They will most probably go to Cotroceni Palace with the proposal of Nicolae Ciuca as prime minister.

However, things are not exactly as expected during the negotiations, as the first deadlocks came up these days.

First of all, during the Thursday’s negotiations, PSD asked to have the Finance ministry, if the Liberals’ proposal, Nicolae Ciuca is going to be designated as PM. PNL chairman, Florin Citu, who already made one concession, by giving up his own candidature for the PM seat, did not agreed with also giving  in the Finance portfolio to the Social Democrats, so he left the meeting.

PSD sources attending the PSD-PNL meeting disclosed that, when he understood he cannot take over the Finance portfolio, Citu left the table and sat in one corner till the meeting ended. His only statement at the end was that he doesn’t agree with anything that has been negotiated.

Later on today, Florin Cîțu told journalists that he wants both the Finance and the Justice portfolios for PNL.

Yes, I want that. I have fought everybody last winter for the Finance portfolio. It is complicated to have the PM and not have the Finance ministry. To have both the Finance and the Judiciary is complicated, but if one negotiates well. I am very fond of Finances. PNL proved it can manage this portfolio well.”


Moreover, another bone of discontent was when PSD asked to have the Transports ministry as well. At this point, the Liberal leaders told Social Democrats they cannot accept to have no major ministries in the future Cabinet.

On top of all, PNL ended up in fighting also with UDMR, as they raised claims over the Development ministry, currently held by UDMR.

Political sources told that the Liberals asked for negotiations on the portfolio of Regional Development, a ministry that is now at UDMR. The Liberals insisted in negotiations to take over the Ministry of Development.

In retort, UDMR leader Kelemen Hunor threatened to leave the future Government if his party did not preserve its current portfolios.

Kelemen told mass media that UDMR will not accept to have only a decorative part in the government. “It is not possible for us to stay with our pants down and wait the postman every month, smiling. The union can remain with the existing portfolios, the colleagues can split the rest of the ministries”, he stated.

PSD would apparently stands by UDMR and has threatened it will not join the future Government either. The same sources claim that before the PNL-PSD-UDMR meeting, Marcel Ciolacu and Kelemen Hunor would have met and discussed the negotiations with the liberals.

During discussions today, Marcel Ciolacu would have told Liberals that if UDMR leaves the coalition, PSD will do the same. Moreover, Ciolacu would have said that PSD is willing to vote a minority government that should last by February, for he had publicly promised that Romania will have a government by Thursday.

Commenting the latest stances, Nicolae Ciuca, proposed as the future premier, said that “these are negotiations techniques and each party is actually negotiating its portfolios.”

“Depending on the discussions in every party, we’ll get back to the negotiating table and resume the talks tomorrow. We don’t want either to join a Cabinet without PSD, UDMR and minorities“, Ciuca added.

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