President Iohannis casts doubt on Chisinau Gov’t goals for a European path

President Klaus Iohannis has stated today that “he is not completely convinced” that the Government in Chisinau has set the European path as goal, so Bucharest will resume “full cooperation” with the Moldovan authorities only when there are concrete actions in this respect.

Until then, Romania “will continue only the support projects directly dedicated to the Moldovan citizens”.

“I reiterate Romania’s stance on Republic of Moldova: the European path is the only and the safest way to the profound reform of the institutions, and is meant to bring tangible benefits to its citizens.

Unfortunately, we are not completely convinced that the Government in Chisinau has assumed this goal. That’s why, we’ll continue only the support projects that are directly dedicated to the citizens, meaning local projects and on strategic inter-connection”, President Iohannis has told the meeting with the foreign ambassadors accredited in Bucharest.

He explained that the authorities in Bucharest “will resume full cooperation only when they see concrete actions taken by the Government in Chisinau to the aim of continuing the European project and the reform process, mainly in such fields as justice, administration and anti-corruption fight”, actions that should secure a democratic path and predictability at the domestic and foreign level.

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