President Iohannis – critical on Gov’t intentions on fiscal measures, tax on greed. The ordinance will throw the economy into chaos

President Klaus Iohannis has launched on Wednesday a new tough attack on the Government after the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) sitting. He criticized the measures included in the Emergency Ordinance for amending the Tax Code, presented by Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici on Tuesday.

President Klaus Iohannis criticized the tax changes announced by the Government. “It threatens the economy,” he said.

He asked the Executive to withdraw the project and discuss it with the stakeholders and then come up with sustainable fiscal measures.

“The Government does not know what it is doing,” President Iohannis said.

The President believes that the Government has a problem with the budget and that is why it imposes new taxes. He specified that the draft budget for 2019 has all the opinions from the CSAT, nevertheless the Government has not presented it.

“We all have learned, perhaps most surprised, that the Government is preparing the GEO to introduce new taxes and duties. This leads me to think of an assertion made by the Prime Minister in the inaugural speech in Parliament. She said: Remember, we will not introduce new taxes. A year has passed and it introduces new taxes and duties,” the head of state said.

“It is clear that there is a problem with the budget. The conclusion is: they have no money, they do not know how to get money and they invent all kinds of taxes,” the president added.

The tax changes, the president said, are a “very serious” matter and “concern for all Romanians.”

“We expect everything to be more expensive – this would be the result of this GEO,” he added.

It is “a tax on greed for the PSD members, to collect more money that they will manage as they please, they will turn the economy upside down as well as the budgets of all Romanians.”

“There are changes, amendments, without consultation, without a substantive analysis. It introduces a new concept, ‘the tax on greed.’ I appeal to the Government to change its mind, to discuss it, to analyze it with trade unions and employers,” Iohannis said.

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