President Iohannis: CSAT approves Romania’s objectives at the NATO Summit in Brussels. 120 military to be sent to Poland

The National Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) has approved Romania’s objectives at the NATO Summit in Brussels, President Klaus Iohannis announced on Tuesday.

“We have approved Romania’s objectives at the NATO Summit in Brussels, which will take place this spring, probably in late May. (…) Romania expectations are mainly related to reconfirming the importance and soundness of the transatlantic relationship, a relationship of unity and solidarity among allies. We expect the NATO summit to highlight Romania’s contribution to NATO and to maintain the strategic importance of the Black Sea. (…) In the CSAT sitting we analyzed the activity of the Ministry of Defence, MAI, SRI, SIE, STS. Finally we analyzed the CSAT activity in 2016, the report will be sent to Parliament for approval,” the head of state said at Cotroceni Palace, after the CSAT sitting.

Klaus Iohannis announced that Romania will send 120 military to Poland to the NATO combat group. Moreover, the President said that CSAT has approved a programme to equip the Army as a result of the allocation of 2% of GDP for the MoD. CSAT also analysed the activity of the institutions in the security system in 2016 and concluded they have fulfilled their duties.

“Important decisions concerning the national defence and national security were made. On Friday we approved the participation of Romania in consolidated NATO group combat in Poland. Thus in 2017 Romania will be present with 120 military in this combat group will aim at ensuring security. We have informed the Parliament on this issue. The first topic was referring to meeting the targets in 2016 in terms of army endowment programme. We approved today an updated form of this programme, as a result of allocation of 2% of GDP for the MoD. I emphasize that the allocation of 2% of GDP has a double impact on national security: on the one hand it requires the updating of measures for army endowment, on the other hand it will help revitalize the national defence industry. By implementing the updated programme, essential programmes for procurement and the participation of the national companies will be initiated: 8×8 and 4×4 armoured personnel carriers, multirole aircraft, command and control systems and the corvettes,” President Iohannis said.


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