President Iohannis: NATO has approved the battle group in Romania

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has said on Thursday, before the extraordinary NATO summit, that “we already have very good news” as “NATO has approved the fighting group that will be positioned in Romania”.

Iohannis explained that this battle group was requested by Romania and France will be the framework nation, and negotiations will take place to see who else sends troops.

“We want to talk about consolidating the Eastern Flank. We already have some very good news. According to Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, NATO has already approved the battle group that will be positioned in Romania. It’s that fighting group I asked for. France will be a framework nation, there will surely be negotiations to decide who else sends troops within the group “, Iohannis stated.

Romanians can rest assured. Romania is defended by the largest alliance“, he added.

Iohannis also said that details about where the battle group will be positioned will be made public in due course. However, the head of state insisted that additional measures be needed to strengthen NATO’s permanent presence in the area.

“If we look at the war in Ukraine, we see the need for very modern weapons, we certainly need missile defense and the like. Things are not so simple, with a truck and a tank you can’t win much today. Modern, sophisticated weapons are needed, which are obviously quite expensive,” he argued.

At the same time, the Romanian head of state stressed that Romania is committed to investing in its own security. “Security starts at home, that’s why we decided at the last CSAT meeting to increase the defense allocation to 2.5% of GDP. The Ministry of Defense is already working on an improved plan. We want to have our own solid defense,” said the president.

“Strengthening the eastern flank obviously means a permanent presence, but of course, the rotational presence also helps us a lot,” Iohannis added.

He said he would insist in talks with allies that the eastern flank be better strengthened. “Russia is the aggressor and we have to build a very strong defense on the eastern flank,” he said.

No data that R. of Moldova would be targeted

President Iohannis also said before the NATO Summit in Brussels that there is no information that the Republic of Moldova is the target of any attack or that an action is planned against this state.

“There are no data that the Republic of Moldova is the target of any attack or that an action concerning Moldova is planned. The problems of the Republic of Moldova come from the large number of refugees, the economic weakness and the energy situation, the Republic of Moldova is a captive state, it receives energy only from two sources – Russia and Transnistria,” Iohannis pointed out adding that Romania can help the neighbouring country with financing, energy transfer and support for their economy.

As for chemical and biological weapon issue, Klaus Iohannis emphasized that they are banned, while voicing hope that the signatories of international treaties mentioning this will honor their commitment.

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