President Iohannis nominates Dacian Ciolos as PM

President Klaus Iohannis announced after the consultations at Cotroceni Palace today that he had decided to nominate USR leader Dacian Ciolos for the Prime Minister position.

“In all the discussions I have underlined the importance of some matters that must be solved regardless of who’s ruling. It is very important that the pandemic must be managed, as well as the energy price hike and that measures are taken so that other prices will not rise,” the Romanian Head of State said.

He argued that it is important not to blow off the opportunity of the huge sums of money from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

“I reiterated the importance of winter preparations and I underlined that these are the important issues for the Romanians, not the political fights. The parties came with various approaches and proposals. From all these proposals, one caught my attention, that I will also enforce. I decided to designate Mr. Dacian Ciolos for the position of Romania Prime Minister.”

Dacian Ciolos has reacted shortly after President Iohannis nominated him for the PM seat, saying: “It is a great honour and responsibility for which we are prepared, as we had announced since USR left the government.

President Klaus Iohannis asked me tonight to form a new government.  We are ready to take the responsibility of ruling and to kick off negotiations with the other parties. Our goal is to take Romania out of the crisis and for this all political forces must prove a lot of responsibility.

We’ll have a meeting of the National Bureau to establish the negotiation team and of the mandate to form a government as soon as possible.

The main lines are to manage the pandemic, the explosion of the energy prices and the reforms of the National Plan for Resilience and Recovery“, Ciolos posted on Facebook.

In retort, PNL secretary general Dan Vilceanu told Digi24 that the nomination of Dacian Ciolos as PM had been made as a PSD-USR-AUR majority has been tested in Parliament, adding that at the protocol between PNL and USR is no longer in force.

“It is a decision that I think it comes after what happened in the Parliament where it was proved there is a PSD-AUR-USR majority and this majority must form the government. Now it has the occasion to govern,” the PNL secretary general said. He did not rule out talks with USR, yet mentioning that there is no protocol between the two parties anymore.

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