President Iohannis on Maia Sandu’s party win in the early elections: Congratulations for the civic spirit and clear option for the EU

The Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) of President Maia Sandu obtained 52.5% of the votes in the early parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova, according to preliminary data of the Central Electoral Commission, after counting 99.49% of the votes. The score is the highest ever obtained by any electoral contestant in the history of elections in the Republic of Moldova.

PAS is followed by the bloc of communists and socialists, the alliance of former president Igor Dodon having 27.38% of the vote.

President Klaus Iohannis sent a message on Monday after the elections in the Republic of Moldova,  congratulating the Moldovans for the vote and for the “clear option” for European integration. The head of state states that Romania “stands by” the Republic of Moldova in supporting the reforms in this country. “Congratulations to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova for the civic spirit and the clear option for reforms, the rule of law and European integration! Congratulations Maia Sandu for courage, perseverance and vision! Romania will be with the Republic of Moldova in supporting reforms and the European course!”  Klaus Iohannis posted on Twitter.

The only political party that met the electoral threshold was Șor Political Party, credited with 5.78% of the votes. The Renato Usatii Electoral Bloc has only 4.11% and will not enter parliament, according to preliminary data. The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova has 101 seats.

According to the portal, the Action and Solidarity Party will receive 63 seats, the Electoral Bloc of Communists and Socialists – 32 seats, and the “Șor” Party – 6 seats.

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