President Iohannis promulgates the state budget law

President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday held a press conference announcing he has promulgated the 2017 state budget law, despite his fears that the budget is overrated on incomes.

As I promised early this week, I made a review on the state budget. It confirmed all I have said the last time: the budget incomes are, as some said, optimistic, I say overrated. Expenses are envisaged in a very high sum.

The extra optimistic approach can be seen as making a comparison between the last year incomes and the ones entailed for this year where a 14 pc rise is envisaged without an explanation for this monumental rise. It’s also confirmed that there are commitment credits in an unencountered sum, for over RON 50 billion.

Yet, I decided today and I have already done it, to promulgate the state budget. The country needs the budget and the Government has committed to carry out his budget, now it has the possibility of proving how will do it.

I have a simple message for the government: I ask the Gov’t three things: responsibility, responsibility, responsibility,” said the President.

Previously in Thursday, PM Sorin Grindeanu slammed the fact the budget law is not yet promulgated, which impact on the ruling programme’s measures

“The new measures we’ve taken, that were also in the ruling programme (…) are still questionable for the budget has not been promulgated yet. We did out job, we adopted the necessary regulatory documents, we mapped out the money in the budget,” the PM argued, adding that the delay on the budget will also affect the ministries and the local and county authorities.

“Unfortunately, all this delay has a chain reaction not only on the ministries you coordinate, but also on the local and county authorities (…) We were already behind due to the electoral programme, due to all things you know and that were not up to us,” Grindeanu used to say.


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