President Iohannis recalls six more ambassadors. Three new ones appointed

President Klaus Iohannis on Monday signed new decrees recalling another six Romanian ambassadors accredited abroad.

The six envoys are Bogdan Claudiu Filip, ambassador to Jordan, Dumitru Badea ambassador to Georgia, Florin Angelo Florian ambassador to Chile, Radu Gabriel Safta from South Africa, Roxana Daniela Iftimie, ambassador to Luxembourg and Iustinian Focșa from Republic of Macedonia, reads a press release by the Presidential Administration.

The Romanian president has recalled 28 ambassadors since early this year.

The last seven ambassadors were recalled three days ago, from Azerbaijan, Switzerland, Serbia, Kuwait, Pakistan and Iran, while early last week Klaus Iohannis had recalled other eight envoys, from Vatican, Senegal and Guiney, Egypt, Cyprus, Japan, Cuba and Republic of Korea.

At the same time on Monday, President Iohannis signed the decrees appointing three more new ambassadors in Estonia, Republic of Moldova and Italy.

Thus, Daniela Mihaela Cămărăşan was sent as Romania’s ambassador to Estonia, Daniel Ioniță to Republic of Moldova and  George Gabriel Bologan to Italy and Malta.

They had been Okayed by the Parliament’s joint foreign committees in early April.

Daniela Mihaela Cămărăşan held several positions within the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE), including as cabinet director of former FM Titus Corlățean.

Daniel Ioniţăwas named secretary of state for strategic affairs within MAE in 2004 and is a career diplomat, while George Gabriel Bologan had been recalled from the consul office in Milan in March.

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