President Iohannis: Romanians cried out in 1989 ‘Down with communism!’ today this cry is heard again

President Klaus Iohannis has sent on Thursday a message on the 28th anniversary of the Revolution, showing that in 1989 the Romanians demanded “Down with communism!” and this cry is still heard as a signal given to politicians who prove these days they do not want to get away from the past.

“In 1989, the Romanians cried out in the street ‘Down with communism!’ Today this cry is heard again, a decisive signal given to those politicians who prove these days that they do not want to break away from the past. Defending the ideals of Romanian Revolution meand defending the rule of law, the values ​​of freedom and democracy, as well as respect for the citizen,” Iohannis wrote on Facebook.

He pointed out that the investigations in the ‘Revolution’ file must be completed, and the crimes and abuses in December 1989 must be punished.

“28 years after the Romanian Revolution, my thoughts go to the Romanians who opposed the dictatorship and fought for freedom and democracy. They are the heroes who have made possible through their sacrifice and courage the liberating miracle that will always remain in the history books. The investigations in the ‘Revolution’ file have to be finalized and the crimes and abuses of December 1989 need to be punished so that finally justice is done for the victims,” the head of state wrote.


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