President Iohannis: Russia-Turkey-Iran axis makes more complicated the Black Sea security framework

President Klaus Iohannis referred on Monday to a “Russia-Turkey-Iran axis” that complicates the security situation in the Black Sea area.

“The Black Sea area is a maritime frontier of NATO and of the EU, but also a strategic access corridor to Central Asia and to the Middle East, a complicated picture in addition to the Russia-Turkey-Iran axis,” said the message sent by President Iohannis to a security conference.

It is the first time that Iohannis evokes such an axis, placing Turkey – a NATO ally – alongside Russia and Iran, informs.

In his message, the head of state insists on Russia’s threat to the region, pointing out that “As part of the strategy to strengthen the political and military power status at regional and international level, Moscow relies on maintaining its political, economic and energy domination in the region. Since last year… Russia’s multi-vector strategies, using diversified tools, a true hybrid arsenal in continuous improvement and adaptation, have emerged more and more.”

Iohannis sent these messages on Monday to the opening of the “Black Sea Security, Joint Challenges, Sustainable Future” programme. The message was presented by Ion Oprisor, presidential adviser with the National Security Department.

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