President Iohannis starts state visit to Luxembourg

President Klaus Iohannis arrived in Luxembourg on Monday for a two-day state visit paid at the invitation of Henri, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

Henri, the Grand Duke awarded President Iohannis the “Gold Lion” distinction, which is granted to the foreign presidents and sovereigns who have special merits relating to Luxembourg and the Grand Duke.

The Romanian President will meet PM Xavier Bettel and members of the Luxembourg Government, Chamber Speaker Mars di Bartolomeo and FM Jean Asselborn. Klaus Iohannis will have a join press conference with PM Bettel ans will attend the dinner offered by Bettel at the Museum of Modern Art.

According to a press release by the Presidential Administration, President Iohannis’ meetings with the counterpart officials will aim at identifying new ways of developing and boosting political and sectorial relations focusing on extending the economic cooperation on research and industrial innovation.

An exchange programme on technology, education, culture and sports is to be signed between the two governments for 2016-2021.

Klaus Iohannis will also talk to local businessmen and representatives of the financial sector in the view of stimulating the bilateral economic exchanges and the investments in Romania.

President Iohannis will also meet professors and Romanian students of Luxembourg University, will visit the Esch/Belval urban Centre and will attend a ceremony hosted by the City Hall on the occasion of his state visit.

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